From Thursday 6th Sept we will be at a new venue! Please click this link for more details!

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Sep 4

Staying Safe on the Dance Floor

I recently read a quote where someone said that Salsa is a “contact sport”.    The subject of safety on the dance floor was also brought home to me recently after someone left me in pain and unable to dance for the best part of two weeks, after a collision while...

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Jun 30

Andy's Music Picks #3

Hi all, hope you're enjoying the scorching hot weather we're having! We've been lacking in posts recently, so I thought I'd post a few tunes for you to have a quick dance...

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May 14

We have a temporary home for Thursday classes

Updated 28th August 2018:

From Thursday the 6th September, we will be at St Gerard Majella Church hall on the Knowle/Brislington/Hengrove border, until further notice. Unfortunately, due to a long-term booking, we will no longer have access to the Hungerford Community Centre on a...

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Apr 28

Salsa and the Art of Staying Well 2

This is a guest post by Rob Dodd, a long time salsa dancer and friend of ours here at Salsa Bristol.

Further to my first blog entry, I have been asked to share some easy to create, healthy recipes.  Some of the ingredients (for example Nutritional yeast) can be bought in shops like...

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Mar 27

Course start dates 2018

We have beginners salsa courses starting directly after every 8-week course has concluded, so you never have to wait too long.  We will take new students with little or no experience up to week 3; just let us know and you can come in for a quick catch-up before the main class. After...

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