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Mar 10

Private Lessons, Are They Worth It?

Why -Who – Where – When -Cost – contact – any genre

Nothing will advance your dancing quicker than taking private lessons with a qualified teacher. There are many reasons for taking such lessons, and these can include preparation for a competition; advancing your social...

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Feb 25

Andy's Music Picks #2

Following on from my last selection of tracks, here's my second offering of tracks that I hope you'll like...

Don't forget that you can submit your favourite tracks that get you up on the dancefloor- just get in touch with me via the contact page (try and supply a link to a YouTube...

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Feb 10

Dancing and Confidence

One thing that separates a good dancer from a great dancer is confidence.

You may feel confident in some areas of your life, but less so in others. So, you might be a confident runner or a confident cook, yet you lack confidence when talking to strangers on the phone. A lack of...

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Jan 31

On the Radio this Saturday!

This week BBC Radio Bristol have been in touch with us again to join them on their radio show this Saturday at 10 am to talk about Salsa and the benefits of dancing. I will be joining DJ Phil Hammond on Saturday with this being my 5th time talking about Salsa on the radio.

I hope...

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Jan 27

It began in Barcelona

This is a guest post by Laura Pile. Check out her blog at www.letssway.co.uk

Two summers ago, whilst dealing with a pretty tough breakup I convinced a friend to grab her passport and come on a spontaneous adventure to Spain and Portugal. After so many amazing experiences, the one...

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