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Private Dance Lessons

Available in the comfort of your own home

Nothing will accelerate your dancing quicker than private dance lessons, whether you are a novice or an experienced dancer. You may know what you want to work on, or you might want your first lesson to include an assessment. Our teachers are highly trained, experienced, reliable, and trustworthy.

There are many advantages of private dance lessons: You take lessons at a time which suits you, including daytime, early evening, and weekends. No pressure from peers. Your teacher will work at your pace. You can dress casually. You can ask questions you might not want to ask during a group session. You will get 1-1 undivided attention. No dance experience is needed, and suitable even if you have two left feet. Private lessons will build your confidence. Discount available for block bookings.

We have just started learning Salsa and I cannot rate Clare’s teaching highly enough. She is clear, concise, patient, enthusiastic and always friendly with a welcoming smile. I’m not good at remembering moves but the classes have been so clear and supportive when we need to recap on moves, that I feel confident with my steps and feel that I am picking it up and remembering it well. Andy is also very helpful and together they make an approachable and highly skilled team.

Thank you – we love it!



Cost Approximately £25ph (plus venue hire if needed)

Lessons Available:
Salsa On1 to Intermediate Level
Salsa On2 to Improver Level
Bachata to Intermediate Level
Bachata Tango to Improver Level
Reggaeton to Intermediate Level
Leading & Following Techniques (solo or in partnership)
Ladies Styling to Intermediate Level
Shines (intricate footwork) to Intermediate Level
Body Isolation to Intermediate Level

Wedding Dance, First Dance

Salsa Bristol's teachers are available for hire to teach you your first dance. You tell us what you want, and if it’s possible, we will choreograph a unique routine to teach you and your partner.

Most couples need at least five dance lessons, and the more notice we get, the better a job we can do, we have worked with as little as four weeks’ notice. Our aim is always to make your first dance as fun and stress-free as possible. You are advised to take lessons approximately one week apart to allow for practice in between. If you aren’t sure whether you want to book your wedding dance or want a trial class, you can book a trial lesson first.

You may wish for your teacher to teach a lesson to your guests at your wedding party, it can act as a great icebreaker, and you can discuss this in person if applicable.

Wedding Dance Package:

£250, plus venue if necessary

A unique choreographed routine. Digitalised Mixing of your track if needed. You will receive five lessons, each lasting 1.5 hours, you are welcome to video these classes for practice purposes.

Our Top Tips for Private Dance Lessons, including Wedding Dances:
• Relax and enjoy yourself
• Acknowledge making mistakes are all part of the fun of learning
• Do not put pressure on yourself
• Practise, practise, practise
• Routines are easiest learned if the steps are kept simple
• Be open to constructive criticism
• Consider your footwear (there’s no point learning in your slippers if you dance in high heels)
• Learning the correct technique is better than rushing to learn more intricate moves
• Ask questions, you will develop a better bond with your teacher if they can understand your needs better
• Get yourself filmed, so you can see how you look

How Much Space?

If you have enough floor space to spread your arms out and turn in a circle, you have enough room for your lesson without the added expense of hiring a venue. If not, we will find a venue near you which is suitable, and these places charge between £15 - £25 per hour


Payment can be made via a bank transfer, online via PayPal, or directly to your teacher. A deposit secures your booking. You could cut the cost of your lesson by sharing it with another person.

Contact us to tailor your unique package



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