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Miguel & Mayana

 Miguel Rico and Mayana are two of the most passionate and highly respected dancers and teachers of salsa in the UK.

UK Champions - Twice
Top UK Teachers Award

Corona Salsa Champion 2001, Scala Latina Salsa Champion 2003, UKA Salsa Champion 2006-2007, UK Professional Salsa Champion 2007

These are just some of his rewards and achievements since he started this amazing journey 12 years ago.

Miguel's music interpretation is a gift from his musician parents, this knowledge and experience makes him stand out in his performances and freestyle. His personality and love of Salsa is contagious.

Mayana's love for dance started at an early age. She followed her heart and went to one of the best Russian Dance Academies in the country, where she studied different dance styles from traditional dance through to contemporary. Mayana went on to teach various dance styles until she found Salsa. In 2007 she became a UK Professional London Salsa Champion. What really makes her unique is her dance style. She combines all her knowledge of various dances; this creates her own signature which portrays her as an elegant and stylish dancer.

Miguel's & Mayana's shows are simply breath-taking. Their performances reflect their unique style, combining Miguel's flavor and charisma with Mayana's playfulness and elegance.

Their shows bring passion, feeling and energy onto the dance floor; inviting the audience to feel the music through their bodies, movements and emotions. What is exiting about them as performers is that their shows always bring something new to the salsa scene.

Their first Show "Mi Borinquen" Puertorican flavour won them UK Salsa Professional Competition in 2007.

"Descarga Musical" took UK by storm with fast New York turn patterns and shines.

"Mambo Mania" brought a fusion of Elegant Old Mambo & Jazz.

"Ecue Baroni" took on Cuban "Sentimento" - Orishas and Rumba taste.

"Cuero Na'Ma" New York style & Musicality at its BEST.

"Palladium Days" - WAIT TO SEE IT!!!!!

Miguel & Mayana always bring a fun, relaxed and supportive atmosphere into their classes, whilst sharing their knowledge to many students from across UK and around the World. Their personalities and structure of classes inspires Salseros to learn more.

AVAILABLE TO TEACH: CB "on1", "on 2" New York Style, Puertorican "on 2", Men & Ladies Styling, Men & Ladies Styling during partner work, Shines "on 1", "on 2", Lead & Follow techniques, Music Interpretation for free-styling, etc.

LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Romanian.

"Their Salsa signature has been born."


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