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Covid-19 Policy

(updated 20th July 2023)

Salsa Bristol has been operating as before lockdown since last year, and we've not had a reported case of Covid for many months. In all classes, we swap/rotate partners, although in some special cases (health reasons, for example), we let people stick with their chosen partner.

However, we still ask that you do not attend if you feel unwell or exhibit symptoms of Covid, etc. We will refuse entry if you are obviously ill or show symptoms - please do not make us refuse entry and potentially embarrass or upset you.

Please wash your hands before entering, during and after classes.

As always, hand gel is available for you to use. And please do make use of it during classes.

This is, hopefully, the final update to this page.


(previous update 20th August 2022)

Please note that with the start of the courses on the 22nd of August 2022, we will be rotating students again as we did before the lockdown. By that, I mean that we will be swapping partners, so everyone gets a chance to dance with each other, This is common practice for Salsa and other Latin dances and is in line with other dance schools.

Hand gel will still be available for use, and we still ask that people do not attend if they feel ill or exhibit any symptoms.


(previous update 2nd April 2022)

Due to the government further relaxing Covid restrictions and the withdrawal of free Lateral Flow Tests as of the 1st of April 2022, we are no longer making it mandatory to take a Lateral Flow Test before attending classes.

We have a number of students (and staff) who are at high risk should they catch Covid, so we are asking attendees to be mindful of others and to please be sensible.

Please remember that we will be in close contact with other people, and to make sure we all stay in good health so we can keep dancing, we still ask that you follow a few rules/guidelines.

  • If at all possible, and while we no longer make it mandatory, please keep taking a Lateral Flow Test before attending (at the time of writing, they are reportedly going to be less than £10 for a kit of 5 tests from local pharmacies)
  • Please wash your hands before and after classes and use the available hand gel frequently.
  • Do Not attend if you show Covid symptoms such as loss of smell, taste or high temperature, etc.
  • Do Not attend if you display symptoms of cold, flu, or a new cough.

Please be aware that we reserve the right to deny entrance if we feel you display any symptoms relating to Covid (including cold and flu).


(previous update 29/01/2022)

To help ensure the safety of students and staff, we (along with other responsible dance clubs and schools) currently require all attendees to carry out a negative Lateral Flow Test within 24 hours before attending (if possible, just before arriving).

We understand people may not like doing these tests, but we hope you understand the current need for this precaution, considering that we are in such close physical contact with other people.

We will try and keep a few Lateral Flow tests on the door, but please do not rely on them being available as it depends upon the availability of test kits.

Please check this page often, as we will keep it updated as required, especially as it seems that free Lateral Flow testing may be phased out in the near future.

We do not wish to offend, and we know this will cause upset if we have to turn you away.

Your test result must be registered with the NHS – you can do this on the site below;

Register a test result:

Lateral flow tests can be ordered online and delivered free.

Order Lateral Flow Tests:

Lateral flow tests can also be collected from pharmacies and certain other locations (please note that you will need a collection code, see details below)

Collect Lateral Flow Test:

Showing your test results:
Please show your LFT result upon arriving.

  • Via the NHS app (navigate to your Covid Pass, scroll down, and select “View COVID-19 records”)
  • Via the text sent to your phone (you need to supply your phone number when registering your result)
  • Via the email sent to your email address (you need to supply your email address when registering your result)

More details on registering your result and carrying out tests are at the bottom of this page.

Logging in:
We have a separate login for Covid, as you’ll find at most venues. Logging in can either be done by scanning the QR code or leaving a mobile phone number/email address. This is to notify you if anyone tests positive.

If you test positive:
Please inform us if you test positive within 48 hours of attending classes.

Please do not attend if:

  • You have been instructed to quarantine or self-isolate by track & trace or a medical professional.
  • You have symptoms; A new cough, loss of smell or taste, or high temperature.
  • You have knowingly been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive within the last 7 days.
  • Generally, feel unwell.

Masks: The wearing of masks is optional, and we ask that no one judges anyone else for their choice to wear a mask or not.

Hand sanitiser: You will be in close contact (including holding hands) with other people during class. So please use hand sanitiser when you first arrive and between lessons. Please also wash your hands often. Hand sanitiser will be available in class and toilets are close to the function room.

Swapping partners: This is now optional. Anyone who wishes to remain with one partner throughout the evening can.

Please respect peoples’ personal space and their choice on whether to mix with others – i.e., ask before hugging someone.

We hope you understand the need for these precautions. They are there so we can continue to enjoy dancing, and hope they won’t blunt your enjoyment.

Please check this policy often as it may be subject to change to stay in line with government recommendations, etc.

How to carry out a Lateral Flow Test:

Please read the leaflet that comes with your test kit as the contents and procedure may vary slightly depending upon the test kit you have received.


How to show your NHS COVID pass or LFD test result

Scroll down on the Covid-19 pass and select "View COVID-19 records" to show registered test results.




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