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Salsa Beginners Course

  • Class: Salsa Beginners
  • Type: Structured Course
  • Duration: Eight Weeks
  • Time: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm (45 minutes lesson + 15 minutes practise)
  • Teacher(s): Clare

OK let’s start with the first question – is Salsa suitable for you? The answer is simple, YES!

Salsa is suitable for just about everyone regardless of your age, shape, size or experience. It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, it’s our job to teach you, and we have lots of experience with people just like you. So if you are aged 18 or over, have a sense of humour, are fit enough to walk, you are welcome to join in.

 Clare is a friendly and warm teacher, and working on one routine over 8 weeks gives time to practise, understand and improve. There is always something to learn and all ages/sizes/abilities are accepted.


We aren’t going to be teaching you ‘Dips & Tricks’, well not for a while anyway, nor are we aiming to get you performing on stage. We’ll take things nice and steady and teach you how to dance Salsa socially.

The most frequent questions we get asked are: “What do I wear”? “Can I come alone”?

Wearing light casual clothing is best, and wear shoes that don’t have a firm tread on them, such as trainers. You are welcome to come alone, as a couple, or even as a small group.

We have six levels of Latin dance classes, and they are designed to suit all levels from the complete beginner, who may have three left feet, through to the most advanced level.

You probably already know Salsa dancing will help increase your fitness, aid weight loss, aid sleep and tone muscle but did you know it can help with your mental health as well? Learning anything new is mentally stimulating, and there is much research to prove dancing helps relieve stress, the build-up of stress, anxiety, and depression.

The 8-week set programme progresses week by week. Each week recaps the previous before moving on. The pace is set so that everybody can keep up and if you find you want a little extra tuition, or you have to miss a week or two, you can arrange with one of our teachers to arrive early the following week(s) and have free 1-1 sessions. You see, our aim really is to get you dancing.

You will learn to dance solo using basic Salsa steps, and as the weeks progress, these steps build gradually using more intricate footwork and patterns that we call “Shines”. You will learn how to dance in partnership, including how to hold each other while respecting personal space. You will also learn the non-verbal communication signals that Salsa dancers use to execute moves. It is important the “Leader” gives clear signals, and the “Follower” understands what is being asked.

You will receive friendly feedback from your teacher.

Also, by running courses, we know exactly what we have taught you, and equally important, what we haven’t taught you. This, in turn, affords consistency and builds self-confidence.

So there you have it, you have nothing to lose.

Come and join one of the friendliest dance schools in the South West, and we’ll teach you the basic steps and basic techniques that build together so by the end of the 8 weeks you’ll have a routine you can take to the dance floor and dance the ‘Hot Latin Dance’ that is salsa!

NB: After the course has finished, you can move up to our Level 2 salsa course, where the technique and skill level increases just enough to keep things interesting and challenging!

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