Andy Witt

Director of DancaLatina - Dance Company.
Latin Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher of:
Salsa, Samba, Lambada & Merengue

Height : 6ft - Eyes: Brown - Hair: Brown

In 1997 with my dance partner Marcela Moraes we formed our group DancaLatina. Since then we have established ourselves with all the main Latin dance companies and venues in London , as principle performers and Instructors.

A strong background of 12 years experience in Martial Arts, competing internationally and being a qualified Physical Trainer, has helped me to create a very dynamic and physical style.

Renowned for our flexibility and body movement we aim to maintain the authenticity of Latin dance with a little bit of theatrical style thrown in.

I'm now based in Cardiff, capital of Wales with my new dance partner Lucy Power. With a strong background in dance and as an international athlete Lucy brings a strong and sensuous presence to the dance floor.


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