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Some music for a cold and wet January day

We all have favourite tracks that we love dancing to, or even just listening to - these are just a selection of my facvourite Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba tracks. 

Salsa - Salsa Dramatica by DJ Lukas el Taz

Not your typical salsa track by any means, but it's one that has been doing the rounds lately and has proven to be very popular, never failing to pack the dancefloor!

Salsa - Preguntando Por Ti by Mola

Bachata - Kiss Me by Lola Jane

A more mellower and "atmospheric" Bachata track and suitable for those who like sensual bachata.

Bachata - Por Favor by 24 Horas

Another good track for those who like sensual Bachata.


Kizomba - Mais Josslyn

A more up tempo Kizomba (well, perhaps more Ghetto Zouk?) track.

Kizomba - Criola by Mika Mendez

This track has been around for about 10 years now but is still a popular choice.


Have any favourite tracks you'd like to share? List them below in a comment and we may include them in future posts.

Written by : Andy Mills

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