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Private Lessons, Are They Worth It?

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Nothing will advance your dancing quicker than taking private lessons with a qualified teacher. There are many reasons for taking such lessons, and these can include preparation for a competition; advancing your social dance skills, focusing on a specific technique such as turns & spins, maybe you want to learn the first dance for your wedding, or maybe you want a corporate day.

One of the best things about private lessons is you can often dictate where and when you want them. If the first teacher you contact isn’t available as and when you want them, simply find another that can. Like most things in life, teachers are different. You might remember your school days when you had a preference of teachers, weren’t those classes more fun and didn’t you learn more. Well, it’s the same with dancing, make sure you have a connection with your dance teacher to get the most from your money, and even the most intense lesson should still be fun!

Before booking any classes make sure you’ve chosen a teacher who has the skills to teach what you want to learn. A good Salsa teacher doesn’t necessarily make a good Bachata teacher. Likewise, you don’t have to stick with just one teacher. If you wish to learn something specific to gender, like male or female styling, would it be better for you to hire a male or female teacher?

Get it in writing, having a contract ensures you know what you are getting, and there won’t be any nasty surprises later. Consider the questions you want answers to, for example, how much is one lesson; is there a discount for block booking, how long does the lesson last 45mins or an hour, will it cost more if there are more than one of you, are travel costs included, what if you can’t make it one week?

If you don’t know what you want tuition in, don’t worry. Your teacher can carry out an assessment, and together you can work with your strengths and weaknesses. A competitive dancer will have very different goals than a social dancer. For example, if you are preparing for a competition your teacher will be focusing on technique and execution of choreography. But if your goal is to become a better social dancer, your teacher will be looking at things like how well you lead or follow partners. While your lessons will develop, don’t be afraid to ask your teacher to re-cover anything you aren’t sure of.

And lastly, keeping costs down allows you to book more lessons. Consider whether you can provide an appropriate space for practice, or whether you need to hire a studio, the costs of lessons will always be more if a studio has to be hired.

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Written by : Wayne

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