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My True Love Gave to Me... ♩♪♫♬

With Christmas fast approaching I thought I’d try and give you some inspiration for those who are special in your life.

  1. You could do worse than buy a music CD of their favourite genre. If you aren’t sure what to buy try and get some tips, ask questions in conversation such as, “what do you think of…” If all else fails, you could always buy an iTunes gift voucher.
  2. There are many great teaching DVD’s out there for whatever genre you like. However, try and do a little research before purchasing any, talk to friends and look at reviews. When I started learning to dance I bought many DVD’s, but few were inspirational. Lee Hunter’s series of salsa DVD’s and Tony Lara’s series of Bachata DVD’s were amongst my favourites. Perhaps you’d prefer to buy a film such as Cuban Fury, or the great Dirty Dancing.
  3. How about a book to while away the hours until those dance classes open again. There are loads of great books out there, and it doesn’t have to be on dance. Maybe your special person would be interested in finding out about the history the country their chosen dance has come from. For me, it’s all about Cuba!
    What about a generic book, maybe one on timing, dance and injury, or dance and anatomy?
    It might be worth your while visiting DSI-London, they stock a wide range of dance books.
  4. Specialist clothing might be a suitable gift. A nice pair of joggers to practice, or the sparkly dress for that special party. Let’s not forget the men, whether it’s a belt, flashy shirt or shiny shoes, who wouldn’t want to unwrap a present that has had so much thought put into it.
    Try any of these along with many others
  5. ‘I have too many shoes’, has no one said ever!
    Check out my other article on dance shoes, the do’s and don’ts for tips when buying dance shoes, now all you need is their size!
  6. A class voucher. Many schools and teachers offer vouchers for dance classes, course, or private lessons. Prices vary giving you the choice to spend what you want on who you want.
    If your special one lives in the Bristol area why not treat them to one of our own?
  7. And last but not least, if you wanted to spend a little bit more, why treat them to a surprise: All-day event, A Weekender, A Congress, or even a Dance Holiday?

I hope this might have given you some ideas or inspiration, if you wanted to know more on any of the above you’re more than welcome to drop me a message and I will do my very best to find the best answer to your question

If you have any ideas that might help others choose a suitable gift, why not comment below.

Written by : Wayne

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