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Dancing and Confidence

dancing and confidenceOne thing that separates a good dancer from a great dancer is confidence.

You may feel confident in some areas of your life, but less so in others. So, you might be a confident runner or a confident cook, yet you lack confidence when talking to strangers on the phone. A lack of confidence can lead to a fear of failing, or you might doubt yourself. When this happens, negative thoughts might pop into your mind, and you might worry that you’re not good enough - or that people will think badly of you.

Regarding dancing, do you ever worry you aren’t good enough, or people are watching you? Do you hold back for fear of looking foolish? If so, these are signs you could be lacking in confidence.

It’s important to note: Everybody has their ups-and-downs, days when we feel more confident than others, even when dealing with similar scenarios, but If a lack of confidence is stopping you from living your life the way you want to, visit your Doctor.

How can I build my dance confidence I hear you cry!

Start at the beginning, try going to your Salsa class or dance party with a relaxed mind. There is plenty of time to think about paying the bills, solving that argument, or that work issue later, for now, this time is all about you. On the dance floor, you can be whoever you want to be, after all, part of being a dancer is about performance.

Stop comparing yourself to other people and believe in your abilities. Look how far you’ve come in life, look at the struggles you’ve overcome just to stand here today. Learn to love yourself that little bit more. Are there people who shine when they enter the class, or at the dance, you too can be that person if you just let yourself shine – and I don’t mean by demonstrating the Suzi-Q.

Be the first to say hello, be the first on the dance floor, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and don’t be scared to fail. After all, the difference between successful people and those who fail: successful people don’t give up. Use any practice time for just that reason, learn through your failings.


Written by : Wayne

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