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Want to learn Salsa?

Complete beginner?

It's not too late to join in the fun with the current courses!

Two left feet?

No partner?

We run multiple levels of Latin dance classes which cater for the complete beginner through to the intermediate dancer. You can be any shape or size, aged 18 plus, don't need a partner, or have had any previous dance experience!

Thursday Weekly Class

Thursday Weekly Class

Event Info

  • Date Thursday, 12 January 2017
  • Time 7:30pm onwards
  • Price £45 per 8 week course

How about doing something that is designed to be fun, that will increase your fitness, help you lose weight whilst meeting new people?

We will teach you to dance the hot Latin dance that is Salsa!

In just eight short weeks we will teach you how to; Mambo, Rumba, Back Step, Walk Turn, Cross Body, Cross Body Lead with an outside Turn and more...

A Common excuse people give for not attending is, "I can't dance". My reply is always the same, "If you could dance you wouldn't need to attend the classes".

Everyone is in the same boat on our beginners courses and we have a range of students from 18-60.

What if you might miss a class(s) due to work or holidays? Simply come along early upon your return and we will get one of our 5 instructors to give you one-to-one instruction, ensuring you never fall behind. In fact any time you feel you would like one-to-one tuition, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

We do not go for the night club environment; we prefer the safer, more relaxed pace of teaching in a quality function room. Benefits include; free off road parking, cheaper bar and the friendliest group of people you will ever meet. If you don't believe us you are welcome to come and watch one night!

Eight Week Bachata-Tango Course

Eight Week Bachata-Tango Course

Event Info

  • Date Thursday, 12 January 2017
  • Time 7:30pm onwards
  • Price £45 per 8 week course or £6 p/w

An 8 week course designed for those of you who already have Bachata experience and wish to add a little spice to their moves.

Bachata Tango is a combination of two dances, the romantic swaying rhythm of the Dominican Bachata, and the fiery twist and kicks of the Argentine Tango.

It’s not necessary to have any Tango experience to attend this progressive course but you must know the basic steps of Bachata as these will not be taught.

It’s unsure who was the genius behind fusing these two styles but suffice to say they had great insight.

A common factor these two dances share is that they are both began in the street, they weren’t socially accepted dances in the beginning and were reduced to being danced in Brothels.

A close partnership dance that is sexy, passionate, stylish and graceful.

Following the Bachata – Tango class there are two classes of Salsa available at £2 per class.

Gift Certificates

gift cert sample Looking for a Christmas, Birthday, Wedding present - a present that's a just little different? Then why not treat that special someone to dance lessons with Salsa Bristol!

Contact us with your requirements and we will tailor the certificate to suit your needs - you can buy a certificate for one or more courses, a single person or a couple and so on.

Get in touch here for more information and to buy your certificate!