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Salsa Level 3

Salsa Level 3
Time 9.30-10.30pm (this includes a 45min lesson and 15mins freestyle)
Teachers: Wayne & Clare

Level 3 starts to become a bit more serious. You will have been dancing for a minimum of 8 weeks and as a minimum will know how to execute a ‘Cross Body Lead’ without thinking. If you can’t, this level will be too testing.

We still keep the fun element in our teaching and this doesn’t change whichever class you are in. And as with all classes, you begin with solo warm-up footwork called ‘shines’ before moving onto partnership work.

At Level 3 the pace is quicker and the student’s response time needs to be faster. There is a notable difference in technical ability as one move flows smoothly into the next. There is more focus on ladies styling, and there is more intricate arm work included for the men. We haven’t forgotten how long you have been dancing, and classes are paced accordingly.

Once you reach this level, you truly can call yourself a Salsa dancer!

By the end of this course, you will know your ‘Inside Turn’ from your ‘Outside Turn’, how to execute a ‘Rolling Cross Body Lead’, and you will have learnt your first ‘Hand Flick’ turn pattern.

Many who attend Level 3 also re-sit Level 2. We believe there are many reasons to take more than 1 class per night: By the time you start your second class your mind is switched onto learning mode and you absorb things easier; your muscles have warmed fully and your ‘muscle memory’ allows your body to move more freely. You build the stamina needed for social dancing; people enjoy the classes and the company of fellow students. One class just isn’t enough.

So here’s what we offer to keep costs low: if you pay £6 for your progressive class, you can attend a lower level class for just £2. By the time you get to the intermediate level, you might be attending 3 classes a night.

Only by attending our classes can you discover just how much fun it is to learn something as exciting as Salsa!

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