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I started to learn as I dance solo/choreographed African dance and hip-hop, and thought partner dancing would be a good way to socialise and do something with less impact. I’d tried Cuban Salsa elsewhere but couldn’t get it as the technique was never explained there. I instantly understood about keeping the line for the lady and the frame, timing and count.

Clare is a friendly and warm teacher, and working on one routine over 8 weeks gives time to practise, understand and improve. There is always something to learn and all ages/sizes/abilities are accepted.

-- Elaine
We have just started learning Salsa and I cannot rate Clare’s teaching highly enough. She is clear, concise, patient, enthusiastic and always friendly with a welcoming smile. I’m not good at remembering moves but the classes have been so clear and supportive when we need to recap on moves, that I feel confident with my steps and feel that I am picking it up and remembering it well. Andy is also very helpful and together they make an approachable and highly skilled team.

Thank you – we love it!

-- Laura
I chose salsa as it seemed fun and not too serious. I didn’t know there was a class so close in South Bristol. The classes are fun and informal but still teaches you the correct moves.

The teachers are friendly and really care you know the moves.

I would really recommend these Salsa classes.

-- Alison
"I didn’t think salsa was for me but I have really enjoyed it and I am more confident to do more salsa and other dances."
-- Martin
"I was forced against my will to try salsa, but it was actually great fun with a great instructor who definitely has a passion for it.

I would highly recommend this to all my friends."

-- Simon
"To improve self-confidence on the dance floor, Clare’s style of teaching has given me a fantastic sense of achievement when I have mastered a move.

One thing that is common at the end of a lesson is that I am filled with happiness. A good, fun way as a pick me up.

The salsa group is open to everyone and it’s good to meet so many different people. It’s not just the salsa dancing – the music is great too. Both Andy and Bill are a great inspiration.
Thank you, Clare."

-- Richard
"Come and have some fun, meet new friends and learn to salsa dance with great teachers! Excellent way to keep fit, learn new skills and gain confidence in your dancing.

The teachers are supportive, patient and explain the steps of salsa – it’s a great night come and try."

-- Angela
"Never been to a dance class before, made really welcome, the class was made fun and easy to learn. Enjoyed it. Will be back for more."
-- Jenny
"I began the beginner's course at Salsabristol in June 2012 and I can honestly say, I was hooked from the start. This was due to the excellent classes, taught by the fab, fun and friendly Salsa Bristol team. In eight months, I have progressed through to the improver's and intermediate classes, which are challenging but good fun.

I have also met some really lovely people through the classes and I am glad I plucked up the courage to walk through the door. Sounds cheesy but salsa has changed my life, for the better."

-- Tanya
"I just wanted to thank you for arranging my styling lesson last week. Clare was BRILLIANT! I thoroughly enjoyed it and was practising over the weekend. It was lots of fun and Clare was great at helping me out. "
-- Alice
"Anne and I were given a beginners course of lessons with Salsabristol as a present for our 25th wedding anniversary nearly two years ago. It has proved to be the best present we have ever been given as it has changed our lives. After the initial course, we have gone on to their higher levels and have learnt so much with the Salsabristol team we go to lots of dances. Salsabristol is a well-organised team of talented dancers....great lessons, fun people!"
-- Nigel & Anne
"Having attended numerous classes in Bristol & surrounding area I can say with confidence that the teaching methods & style are second to none. The class structure & format allow for rapid development & confidence to get out there & dance. I guarantee that after just one or two courses with Wayne you will be dancing with the skill & confidence of someone dancing for at least six months elsewhere. Little wonder then that others are imitating Salsa Bristol's style & format."
-- Neil & Emma
"Class three always looked forward to Wayne's salsa lessons! Wayne taught with clear direction, skill and great humour. As a primary school teacher, I was amazed at how much the children learnt in such a short amount of time and how Wayne's enthusiasm and teaching style fed into this. Wayne was able to adapt this difficult dance form to the children's level and enable them to perform an excellent repertoire of moves. The children developed a real feel for salsa dancing (even going home and trying to teach their parents) and were sad when their lessons came to an end!"
-- Beccy.
"Great fun! Lots of laughs, fun people, a wonderful way to spend an evening, helps get you fit too!"
-- Nettie
"I have been coming to Salsa for nearly 2 years and with help from all of the Salsa Bristol team, I have worked my way up from a beginner into the improvers lesson without even knowing I could dance!!!"
-- Sophie
Salsa Bristol provides a safe, fun and welcoming environment in which to learn Salsa. I have been hooked from day one! The structure and format of the classes develops students in both dance skills and confidence. A great team!"
-- Kim
"Wayne turned someone who thought they would never be able to dance into someone now able to do a reasonable routine on the dance floor."
-- Andrew
"Wish I'd tried years ago! Fun classes, friendly people, nice mixed groups! Makes me smile every week. Great style of teaching. Thanks!"
-- Teresa
"Great fun, great class, very friendly and easy learning environment - learnt a lot from basics to advanced moves. Would recommend to anyone."
-- Bill
"I have always been made to feel welcome, and there is a mixture of all age groups which is nice. Classes run every week with no break which is helpful, giving you less chance to forget what you learnt the previous week! I have found the instructions clear and easy to follow."
-- Tracy
"My wife said she was going to start salsa dancing whether I liked it or not and was welcome to join her but if I didn't, she was definitely going on her own.

I decided to give it a go even though I was a lousy dancer and lacked confidence on the dance floor unless I had 12 pints of Guinness inside me.

The people are very friendly, it's a good way of keeping fit and Wayne, (the instructor) definitely makes sessions enjoyable and easy to follow. So to all the men who let their wives go on their own - you might just enjoy yourselves, so give it a go."

-- Mark
"I have been coming for lessons with Salsabristol for 4 months and have learned so much, the learning style enables me to remember long sequences of moves which allows me to practice at home and go to dances with confidence.

I also enjoy the great atmosphere, unpressurised, friendly and rewarding. I hope to be coming for a variety of different styles and a continued revision of techniques for many years to come."

-- Rob
"I thought that my first lesson with SalsaBristol was great! It is great for exercise & you get to meet new people. The group is very friendly and helpful, so much so, I'm here the week after!"
-- Becky
"Salsa is really fun and easy to learn. I am a beginner and the instructors break down the moves easily and take the time when you need help. It's a fun relaxed atmosphere and is a good place to meet people. I went to Fry's for an event the day after my first lesson. Had great fun and can't wait for the next event. Look forward to Thursdays every week."
-- Chris
Come and join the fun and learn to dance Salsa – great teachers
-- Angela

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