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Alex FrightTo suit our students needs we hire a higher-level teacher to ensure students always get the very best tuition. We have a strict remit to what we require from a dance teacher, and in Alex Fright we have found the right person. He is reliable, fun, experienced, still learning, respectful and thoughtful.

It is important to us that all of our teachers and teaching assistants are seen as being friendly and approachable as we know all too well students might want to discuss certain points of class but may feel unable to raise the point in front of others for fear of feeling foolish. We really do believe there is no such thing as a foolish question. We don’t expect people to know something until they are taught it and grasped the concept.

Alex is well known on the dance scene both locally, nationally, and internationally. However, this could be for his own unique dress sense as much as his dance prowess. He was known for a long time as ‘Alex the Hat’ as you rarely saw him without something adorning his head.

If you want consistent tuition to take your dancing to the next level you are welcome to come and join our classes any week. Alex’s classes run as drop-in classes whereby you can attend as and when you want. That’s not to say there isn’t a structure because there is, Alex’s classes are still run on 8-week cycles.

Moreover, you can find Alex teaching one-off classes up and down the country at various dance parties, Weekenders, or Congresses. You can even find him further afield having performed at the following Congresses: Milan, Berlin, Haarlem and Hamburg. When Alex isn’t teaching or performing, you will find him attending classes, never the one whose ego is too big to learn something new.

As with our lower level classes, the ethos at Salsa Bristol is everyone should be able to learn from instruction, practice, and through making mistakes. Therefore, each week Alex’s classes begin with a recap of the previous week, this allows students to recall moves they might have forgotten, and allow them to grasp concepts better.

Alex’s first class of every Thursday is not Salsa, it is another Latin genre that you will see danced at Salsa parties. Again, run in 8-week cycles you could attend any of the following classes: Bachata, Bachata-Tango, Rueda, Latin Cha Cha Cha. There is also a course on Salsa ethics, turns & spins, and shines.

Alex has trained and performed with Pexava for many years and has also choreographed and performed a couple of shows with Emma Lonnen. More recently, Alex has partnered Hannah Levick, and they have choreographed and performed their own shows. As well as being his dance partner, Hannah is also Alex’s dance assistant on Thursday nights which ensures the ladies never get left out.

Hannah has danced since she was four years old, starting with Ballet before moving onto Tap, Modern, and Jazz. Having discovered Latin, Hannah has fallen in love with the movements and rhythms of the genre

Together, Alex & Hannah have choreographed and trained their student show group ¡Mírame!

We find Alex & Hannah have an infectious energy and genuine care for all their students. Having asked Alex for a statement, he replied, “for us, teaching salsa is not a job; it’s our passion. We aim to help dancers of all levels advance to the best of their abilities – and to have fun while we’re doing it!”



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